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evolution of magni inc. from 2007-present

To all followers of I.C, here's a new deep message. What we as a team have always wanted since the Company's idea sparked in the fabric of our minds was to have Magni Inc. as a full time company. One step forward in the creation of a company is to have a company copyright. We are proud to say that the submission of the Copyright application is going to take place very soon. We are also proud to say that I.C: Heroes is going to be remade to follow the plot of the storyline we have crafted in the scripts we are writing for a future TV Series (hopefully) titled I.C Heroes. We have written over 50 scripts for the over 50 Episodes in the TV Series which is also expanding. In our hearts we most dearly hope that Magni Inc. becomes a full time company, with Infinity Cards as one of the company's biggest projects. Hopefully with the support of YOU the readers, we can make this Company project happen in the future. Till next time.

- Zunaeed, Lead Artist/Designer;Magni Inc. 

A new era begins

To all of the Infinity Cards gamers, the wait is finally over. A new era of Infinity Cards gaming has arrived. To replace the seemingly bland Unity 3D engine which was set to create the beta of I.C Next, a new and even better engine had caught onto our hands. At about 9:05 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Arkam Mazrui had managed to discover an engine so great that it produced the beautiful Crysis series. An even more welcoming news stated that the engine is none other than Free. This is CryEngine 3. This, to all of you I.C Gamers that I'm sending this message to, is the new era, of Infinity Cards gaming, which was started, since 2007. As if it was destiny or a message sent by God himself. This is what will determine the new exposed destiny of Infinity Cards Gaming and all Magni Products later on. This is Zunaeed, and until next time. Proof:

 -Zunaeed, Lead Artist/Designer

I.C Taking a turn on the big screen

Here's some new news for all gamers of I.C! There is now going to be a series being made called I.C Forgotten. The scripts for the series are being written and season 1 is almost done. To view the scripts, contact Arkam at:

Hopefully we can get a Copyright for the film series and get to make it full time. We will get rejected, but it will be worth it. Until then, See ya

 -Zunaeed, Lead Artist/Designer

the lead designer's attempt at sicl1

Click here to see it.

Magni PP is dead, hello SICL1

I just learned that I have no documentation or remains of the Magni PP language. So I am forced to have to go through another painfully tedious experience of making a new computer language...
For more info, visit Magni inc's website here.

The Rebirth of I.C. Next Incoming

Remember how I said the hard disk that the game was on died? Well I think the resolution to that setback has come. My dad's going to get me a Macbook Pro soon. With it, I won't have to worry about viruses or any crap like that. Plus, it'll be a lot more advanced than my HP netbook :D All gamers of I.C. should expect the return of the game soon!

Until then, See ya


Things are beginning to go back to normal

Click here to download Zuu's new story, "Infinity Cards: The Adventure begins".

You guys better sit down....

Unfortunately, the hard disk that the game was on died.... I.C is closed until further notice....



Patience really does pay off

All gamers of I.C should expect a brand new version of I.C Heroes soon, "I.C Heroes Beta v16".

Whereas I'm at a point where I'm certain all the glitches have been fixed; oh and now there's a possibility of the continuing development of "I.C Next". But it's not a 100% guarantee so keep your fingers crossed .


See ya,

-Arkam, Creator

Boy, that was close...

Recently, Magni PP, the computer language that makes up some of Infinity Cards' game code crashed and I was forced to repair it, but it turns out: the error was much less scarier than I thought and it only took a couple of minutes to fix. Because of this error I was forced to not work on the game for months but now I have time to continue working on it so you'll all enjoy playing a new version pretty soon.


See ya,


Why Arkam? Why?!

Some may be wondering, "Why has there been no new versions for the past month?!! Don't they usually add a new one every week or so?!!"
Well fear not, the only reason you haven't been seeing new versions lately is because I'm working on Grand Cherikomagen, a humongous city! The size? 100x160!

Here's a picture of it 1/8 it's normal size in the map editor right now:


See ya,


I.C Heroes Beta v15.6.0

Well, in this version, all there is is new content. I finally finished part 1 of "The Forbidden Jungle" and am now currently working on part 2.Although, part 2 of The Forbidden Jungle requires for all of your team to be level 20 or more, if you're under level 20, I would advise going to Grand Cherokimagen, or whatever that place is called. Anyways, it's south of Tintlbum3 (weird name, but by the townsfolk it's called "Tintlbum"), anyways, all you gotta do is show the guard your I.C Hero's License and they'll let you go.

Happy Playing

See ya,


Zuu and Kom's I.C Next Story

Click here to view their story.

I.C Heroes Beta v8.2.4

FINALLY, the fixed version is out. You can get it at the downloads page, so go download it! :D



See ya


~Sigh~, I.C Heroes Beta v8.2.4

Okay, this is getting annoying... This time, I'm positive I fixed everything except for two things, at one point, after you're done fighting this guy, you start doing the moon walk for no reason....

 The second one was the battle music keeps playing over and over again even when you're not battling..... Hopefully, I'll get to figure out how to fix these glitches...

P.S The moon walk becomes how you walk...

P.S.S     R.I.P Micheal Jackson 

See ya,


The upcoming 'I.C Heroes Beta v7.3.6

When I exported the game and started playing, i started off at the wrong place .

So, once again, there will be another version of I.C Heroes to expect and hopefully with NO glitches this time.... If you find any, email me at: 


See ya,


I.C Heroes Beta v7.3.5

Well it's here and the glitches have been fixed.... Hopefully this will never happen again and if it does, email me at: 


See ya


Zuu's I.C Next Story

I.C Heroes Beta v6.0.7 Glitch

Recently, it has been brought to my attention that there are two glitches in I.C Heroes v6.0.7.... The two glitches are:

There is some strange object at Zuu's home that wont let you pass and the old man gives you unlimited training. I will fix these glitches in the coming beta...


See ya


I.C Heroes Beta v6.7.3

I'd love to tell you everything that comes with the new beta version of I.C Heroes but I can't :

Unfortunately, the music class in Tintlbum(first map you travel to)is still not available, although you may visit it any time.


See ya



I want to give ya'll a spoiler of I.C Forgotten and the end of I.C Heroes... For I.C Heroes, it's the last character you be, and for I.C Forgotten, the first characters you see, but you get different ones at the end:





 See ya




Major Upset of I.C Next

Unfortunately, I'm forced to put I.C Next at hold because of the lack of people working on it, in fact, the only person working on it is me. So until I get a team to help me with it, I.C Next is no more


See ya 


I.C Heroes v6

Well it's been a while and I can finally say that I.C Heroes Beta v6 is now in the Downloads page!!!! All errors were fixed including the Irrit battle not working (that was really hard to figure out...), but of course, you can expect more to come with v6.1.0.0!!! Such as: Banks, airports, the ability to play musical instruments, new characters, and brand new attacks including the most powerful attack in the game: Oracle's Light!


See ya


What is I.C Next?

I.C Next is a futuristic game where the world has been mildly polluted by unknown dark forces and needs to be restored. You can join friends from all over the world to defeat the evil that's slowly accumulating in the planet I.C. Come join the fight in an all new 3D experience!

Do you believe in miracles?


This great news had me singing, so guess what. THERE'S AN ALL NEW I.C GAME!!!! I.C Next!!!! THE FIRST 3D MMORPG OF I.C!!!!!But unfortunately, beta hasn't been released yet. I expect the first beta will be released sometime in 2012, or 2011. Who knows, it could be released tomorrow maybe, but probably not. To make sure, you should go to the downloads page every day or two and check. Another thing is the new Screenshots page, it has pictures of both I.C Next and I.C Heroes. So for the meantime, you'll have to stick with pictures I.C Next,videos of I.c Next, and the betas of I.C Heroes.

P.S Like the new layout?

See ya



Great news! The I.C website is now available on any mobile phone! Check it out at:


See ya


Almost Done!

Woo Hoo! The game is now even better than ever! It's really coming strong! If you want to see our progress you should go to the download page and download the new beta version!

See ya-

 Arkam, Creator 


Beta for the I.C mmorpg!

he beta is finished being repaired after the unexpected virus.....

If you want to be a worker you can post a post on the forum, or if your not patient you can e-mail me.

I'm sometimes online at 4:00,6:00,8:00,sometimes 10:00, but the most unlikely is 12:00.

The instructions for working the game are in the forum page.